Building & scaling your legacy giving program

by Kevin Wilson on June 28th, 2023

Did you know that every dollar you invest in a legacy program will result in a higher return than any other form of fundraising? Yet many organizations are hesitant to approach their donors around this important area of fundraising.

“The number one reason people don’t leave legacy gifts is because nobody ever asked them.”

– Lynne Boardman, Managing Director & Head of Client Services, Harvey McKinnon Associates

A legacy program can truly be the best investment your nonprofit ever makes. But navigating this tricky fundraising terrain can be challenging for many fundraisers.

But fear not! HMA’s Lynne Boardman was recently a guest on US fundraising expert Tammy Zonker’s excellent podcast Fundraising Transformed to tackle this difficult, yet valuable subject.

Listen here:

In this one-hour podcast, they discuss the “how”, the “why”, and the “what” of legacy giving, providing case studies, strategies and common pitfalls. If you’ve ever wondered about legacy giving, or have been fearful of diving in, this podcast is a great introduction to the subject that will surely make you feel more confident to apply it to your own organization.

See how HMA has helped our clients with many successful legacy campaigns here. Are you looking to start or improve the legacy program at your organization? Contact us today!

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