Hidden Gold eBook

by Harvey McKinnon

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Now available as a downloadable pdf for just $29.95.

If your nonprofit organization does not operate a monthly giving program, Hidden Gold will tell you everything you need to know to get one started. If your organization already has a monthly giving program, you’re bound to gain new insights about one of the fastest growing sectors in fundraising.

Monthly giving appeals not only to younger donors, who find it convenient and easy, but also to older donors, who are more likely to live on a budget. But regardless of their age, monthly donors will often give for decades, are more loyal than even the most consistent annual donors, and are far more likely to leave bequests.

A practical guide and an invaluable resource, Hidden Gold offers you monthly giving lessons from around the world.

Hidden Gold has 208 pages of indispensable information, including dozens of examples of successful direct mail packages.

This pdf has been converted from the finished book.

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