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Your data is the most valuable tool that you have. And getting the most out of your data is key to your fundraising success.

At HMA we ‘do’ data extremely well. The Data Team is led by Doug Fleetham, a highly experienced data programmer and analyst.

The backbone to all good fundraising campaigns is knowing how to optimize your data efficiency. Running segment analysis, looking at donor performance and really getting down to the nitty-gritty of the who’s who in your database is where the HMA data team thrives.

For some organizations the world of data is intimidating but it certainly doesn’t need to be. HMA is happy to take away some of that uncertainty you may be feeling and either remotely pull your data for you or work closely with you as you become more comfortable and confident in handling your data yourselves.

Whatever your data needs may be we can help you gain valuable insights into your donors and maximize your fundraising.

Get the most out of your data

Your data belongs to your organization. With a deep rooted focus in ethics and our passion for this sector, HMA will always make sure your data remains in your control. Data is your most valuable asset and you deserve to have all of the detailed mailing history and results.

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