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Fundraising is a rapidly expanding field, and direct mail raises more money than any other single source of income in Canada. It is the leading way to recruit new donors in North America, where it raises tens of billions of dollars.

But direct mail is changing, and the organizations that are most successful with direct mail today employ integrated fundraising strategies.

HMA has helped hundreds of non-profits develop more successful direct mail and integrated fundraising programs. Our team has won international awards for our creative from the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) and the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA).

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Direct mail acquired donors are some of the most loyal donors on your file. A successful direct mail campaign is measured not only by revenue figures but by the lasting impact you have been able to make on your donors. Impact in direct mail fundraising is seen through your story, your creative images and the personalization and care you have put into each mailing piece. HMA can help you do all of that and more.

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