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Every organization has legacy potential. This includes yours. HMA has been helping organizations find legacy prospects and cultivate them into bequest donors for more than 20 years.

From developing a legacy direct mail campaign to helping you mine your database for your best legacy prospects, we can help you find more bequest donors.

While much of the work we do is customized to the specific organization, we offer two services that are specifically designed to help you achieve even more of your legacy fundraising goals. We call them Legacy Spotlight and Legacies Made Simple.

Everything you need for your legacy program
Legacy Spotlight is an innovative donor scoring system that will help you easily identify the very best legacy prospects within your donor base. One client saw the following impact after using Legacy Spotlight on their legacy mailing:

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Legacies Made Simple is a complete legacy toolkit that will supply you with the templates for everything from your initial contact through cultivation and stewardship of your legacy donors. It includes surveys, direct mail packs, enquiry fulfilment materials, and telephone scripts.

Together, these products will give you everything you need to successfully build a portfolio of legacy donors – painlessly and affordably.

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