Program Audits Program Audits

While most clients hire us to run their entire donor program, there are many others who hire us for specific projects.

One of the most valuable services we offer is our Program Audit.

Maybe you would like an independent assessment of how your overall fundraising program is doing? Or how your current annual program is performing against industry standards? You may be looking for a feasibility study on breaking into a new market, or starting a new charity or type of program.

Our consultants will assess your organization’s current fundraising effectiveness and your readiness for growth, no matter what your challenge.

We review your fundraising capacity and practices, and develop strategies to help you raise money more effectively. We assess your organizational strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. We investigate your fundraising campaigns, and all your communications with donors. And we analyze what your potential can be and what will work best for your organization.

Our audits also review your performance from a donor’s perspective and offers recommendations to help you build donor loyalty.

We offer audits in three main areas:

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