Amnesty International: Leveraging Data Analytics to Improve Acquisition Success

Established in 1961, Amnesty International is a global movement of over 7 million people in more than 150 countries working together to protect and promote human rights. Supporters, including Amnesty’s donors, are the strength of their organization. It’s only because so many people make their voice heard, and speak out for justice, that Amnesty International is able to achieve remarkable things.

The Challenge

After including premiums in their acquisition mailings for the first time, Amnesty International Canada analyzed results to see how these premium donors performed. They were shocked to find the 2nd gift rate from these new donors had dropped from 57% to 37% and asked HMA to investigate further.

The Solution

HMA’s data experts verified that the numbers were correct. But they discovered something very interesting. Looking at the results data beyond the first few months, the gap in the 2nd gift rate dropped from 20% to 13% by month 18. And more importantly, even with the lower 2nd gift rate, the premium-acquired donors were showing a better long-term value (mostly due to the lower cost to acquire).

HMA’s team continued to monitor the numbers and found that the 2nd gift rate improved again after month 24 and month 36. After 3 years, the gap is less than 10% and the long-term value is about 15% higher for the premium-acquired donors.

The Results

Considering the increase in response rate the premiums generated, and the higher long-term value for the premium-acquired donors, the overall net long-term value for the premium-acquired donors is 130% higher than non-premium donors.

Client: Amnesty International

Services: Review Direct Mail

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