IWK Foundation: Legacy Success Through HMA's Legacy Spotlight

Supporters of the IWK Foundation ensure that the IWK Health Centre, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, can continue providing the best in care to women, children, youth, and families in the Maritime provinces and beyond.

For many years, HMA worked closely with the Foundation’s Annual and Planned Giving Program teams to help cultivate and grow donor support.

The Challenge

The Foundation and HMA agreed to test a new approach to their annual planned giving direct mail campaign. The ultimate goal was to uncover many more new planned giving prospects.

The Solution

A combination of HMA’s Legacy Spotlight – an innovative scoring system that helps identify the best legacy prospects within your database – and a refreshed, highly personalized and thoroughly researched legacy prospect survey package.

The Results

By contacting the prospects who scored at the top of Legacy Spotlight with the legacy prospect survey package, the IWK Foundation saw a remarkable lift in results. Compared to the previous year survey responses doubled, donors requesting more information tripled, and confirmed expectancies went up by 40%. Michelle Paradis, Program Lead, Direct Response and Donor Metrics, IWK Foundation, says:

“Harvey McKinnon Associates have really helped the IWK to step up our game with our planned giving mail program and it has been a seamless process working with them. They are always open for discussion so at the end of the day we have the best package possible for our donors, ensuring that we have been able to maximize our return on investment. It has been a pleasure to work with them for the past several years.”

Client: IWK Foundation

Services: Legacy Spotlight

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