Simon Fraser University Case Study

The Client

Simon Fraser University is the place where innovative education, cutting-edge research and community outreach intersect. Their vision: to be Canada's leading engaged university.

The Challenge

The Gift and Estate Planning Team at Simon Fraser University hired HMA to develop new creative for their online and direct mail survey. Our goal was to help SFU get to know their donors better and identify those donors who have already left a gift in their Will or those who are most likely to do so.

The Results

We were thrilled to hear that our campaign had the strongest survey response they've ever seen.

“I couldn’t be happier with HMA. Thanks to HMA, SFU was able to conduct our most successful donor survey in SFU’s history. We were astonished at the response rates their letter and survey generated. Not only did HMA help us uncover many planned gifts we didn’t know about –their strategy allowed us to identify hundreds of planned giving, major giving and leadership giving potential donors. I’m a very happy client. And thanks to HMA we have very happy donors!” —Rory Green, Associate Director, Gift & Estate Planning, Simon Fraser University

Client: Simon Fraser University

Services: Legacy

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