Does your website make it easy to give monthly?

by Harvey McKinnon on February, 14th, 2022-4-12pm

What happens when someone visits your nonprofit’s website?

Can they easily donate monthly, or are they forced to search around for the option? Perhaps you’ve yet to incorporate monthly giving in to your website – in which case now is the time!

Website design can play a key role in advancing your organization’s monthly giving goals. And whether you have a monthly giving option provided already or not, we have some recommendations that can really help you convert these valuable donors.

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Do You Know Your Donor Attrition Rate?

by Harvey McKinnon on June, 10th, 2021-4-12pm

Your donor attrition rate is the rate at which donors do not renew their gifts each year, expressed as a percentage of all active donors in a given year. Why it’s important Monitoring this number (especially for each channel) helps you know what percentage of … Continue reading Do You Know Your Donor Attrition Rate?

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What’s your plan for Giving Tuesday?

by Ryan Garnett on October, 30th, 2020-4-12pm

In a year like no other, will Giving Tuesday be different as well? In one way, yes, as it will be the 2nd Giving Tuesday of 2020. Giving Tuesday Now took place on May 5th, as most of us were still in lockdown during the … Continue reading What’s your plan for Giving Tuesday?

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