Preparing for the Year-End Online Rush

by Ryan Garnett on October, 3rd, 2016-4-12pm

If you haven’t already started to think about your year-end campaign, now is the time. With less than 90 days to go until Christmas it’s important that you start ensuring your non-profit is ready for the coming storm of last minute Christmas donors. A few … Continue reading Preparing for the Year-End Online Rush

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Are you mobile optimized?

by Ryan Garnett on June, 10th, 2016-4-12pm

Although we aren’t quite at the half way point of the year, many organizations have already started to plan their holiday campaigns. We’ve certainly started with some of our clients, particularly as building a highly integrated campaign becomes ever more important. In building an integrated … Continue reading Are you mobile optimized?

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You say we’re uniquely Canadian, eh?

by Ryan Garnett on June, 26th, 2015-4-12pm

Canadians are known for many things. Maple syrup. Hockey. Saying sorry all too often. And of course, Justin Bieber (We really are sorry about that one…) But Canadians are also unique for our giving habits. Some of the ways that we give are quite different … Continue reading You say we’re uniquely Canadian, eh?

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