Burnaby Hospital Foundation: Multi-Channel Approach Boosts Prospecting by 60%

In the 1940s, the citizens of Burnaby had a vision of a community hospital to serve the health care needs of the city’s growing population. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers and community supporters Burnaby Hospital opened in 1952. Today, Burnaby Hospital cares for over 200,000 patients a year and has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in British Columbia.

The Challenge

To succeed amongst the mass of emails and direct mail your donors will see, you have to stand out. This is never more true than during the holiday season. Burnaby Hospital is a community hospital with a very loyal group of donors. The Foundation not only wanted to include their donors in their holiday campaign but also attract new donors using a mix of direct response channels.

The Solution

The first step was to come up with a campaign name. The word 'care' is mentioned again and again when talking to patients, doctors, and staff. So HMA recommended to partner 'care' with the heart graphic in the Foundation’s logo to call it the Caring Hearts Campaign. Direct mail packs carrying the Caring Hearts theme were sent out to house donors and prospective donors using targeted rental lists. All of the mailing packs included two Caring Hearts holiday ornaments. Donors were encouraged to keep one, and send the other back along with their gift. The ornaments that were sent back were displayed throughout the hospital during December.

The Results

This was the first year in what would become an annual holiday campaign for Burnaby Hospital Foundation. This campaign surpassed all income targets. Hundreds of new donors responded to the campaign and the prospect mailing enjoyed a 60% higher average gift than budgeted. Many donors used the ornament within the pack to display in their homes and the hospital. A great base to build upon for the future!

Client: Burnaby Hospital Foundation

Services: Direct Mail, Email, Unaddressed Mail, Holiday Campaign

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