We helped launch the donor program for Indspire (formerly the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation) just a few short years ago. We are sharing this case study with you because it highlights our careful approach to creative development, including extensive R&D and proposition testing.
Indspire began talks with HMA about launching a donor program thatwould motivate individual Canadians to support their mission. Since the program launched the results have been spectacular. We have recruited well over 14,000 new donors at a cost of acquisition far below the industry average. One thousand donors have converted to monthly giving, and Indspire has already received numerous large bequests from their new donors.
When HMA took up the challenge of launching this program, our team began by researching similar organizations around the world, and finding out their secrets to success. We interviewed organizations and fundraisers in Australia and the U.S. Then we developed three different creative approaches and tested them against each other. The Indigenous-Art pack won decisively, pulling results that were far beyond what we had targeted, or imagined.
We know from our own talks with Indspire donors that they have a thirst for more information about Indigenous culture. To build on this interest in our ongoing communications and appeals, we have featured themes like First Nations languages and peeks into life in remote territories.
The great news is that these strategies have resulted in new donors renewing at a high rate.

Client: Indspire

Services: Direct Mail

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