The Client

The Marmot Recovery Foundation works to recover the wild population of the Vancouver Island Marmot. Significant progress has been made, but much work remains before this species will be fully safe from going extinct.

The Challenge

Working with HMA for more than 20 years, the Marmot Recovery Foundation has a strong new donor acquisition program. Like all non-profit organizations though, they realize that they need to diversify their acquisition tools to continue to grow their donor base.

The Solution

HMA worked with the Marmot Recovery Foundation to develop a new digital acquisition program. HMA created all of the digital content including the posts/ads that were run on social media, and the campaign’s dedicated landing page. HMA also helped the Marmot Recovery Foundation coordinate the 2nd step of this program, moving online petition signers to make donations to support the Foundation.

The Results

HMA tested more than 20 different creative approaches to maximize success with this campaign. The strongest one generated a nearly 10% click-through rate, which is exceptionally high for social media. The landing page completion rate was 45.25%, which is also well above industry benchmarks. And while the initial investment was quite small, the Marmot Recovery Foundation saw hundreds of likes, comments and shares on social media, and opted more than 600 people onto their e-mail list. They also acquired a good number of new monthly donors which will be quite valuable to the organization over the long term.

Client: Growing Digital Acquisition For The Marmot Recovery Foundation

Services: Digital, Intergrated Fundraising

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